November 23, 2021

The right problem


There’s the thing that is the problem. There’s solving the problem. Then there’s the thing that’s causing the problem.

The immediate priority is to solve the problem. The problem with that problem is that some problems present as one thing – and suggest an obvious solution – but are something entirely different. Like the broken feature that sees you diving into the code but turns out to be  an easy-peasy easy-to-miss config setting. So think a little harder at the start and dig a little wider before you go deep. So much is the fire fight of every day in the real world.

Now you need to find the cause. Why the code is wrong, why and how the config was miss-set and how we can engineer-out the problem so this particular little piece of trickery doesn’t fool us again.

Skippy strategy: Solve the right problem, then solve the real problem.