February 21, 2018

A rabbit hole?


When you’re tapped into your customers’ thought processes, know your market and have established your expertise – you know, the secrets to any successful non-commodity business – someone will throw you a curve ball … Can you do this?

It will be related to what you do but tangential. It will be in the region but not in your speciality. It will demand new skills or technologies or geographies that were not on your path. It will be worth considering.

It could be a distraction. It could be a rabbit hole. And if, if, if, if, if …. it might just be the next big thing.

Now what?

Three considerations:

– Do you have capacity? If yes, next question. If no, it’s a No.

– Could it be profitable? No point taking on something that weakens the business.

– A distraction, or strategic opportunity worth changing the plan for?

Skippy strategy: Jump past rabbit holes, towards opportunity.