February 22, 2018

Your customer calls


When your customer calls … what do you do?

Jump on it – happy to hear about the next challenge, deal with the support issue, buckle in for the long haul. Or cringe – what does he want now?, haven’t we done enough?

Not all customer are created equal … and that’s down to us.

Some pay us what were worth, treat us as a partner, with respect, understand we’re running a business, realise they win when we both win. These customers are Type 1 – and we probably charge them at the upper end. They pay us to take away their problems, and we enjoy the relationship

Type 2 believe they’re buying a commodity and begrudge the cost, they keep their distance and only consider their own needs. We priced to win the business and have regretted it ever since.

Skippy strategy: Set up (and price) for happiness, weed when you don’t get it.