October 1, 2022

A sore tooth


No one likes a sore tooth. Here’s the pun … no one likes a saw tooth either. What we all like, to mix the metaphors further, is an even keel. We like knowing that things are going along swimmingly (see) and we like to be told in a timely fashion when they aren’t. We don’t like guessing games. We don’t like hanging around for the peak of the saw tooth to answer our questions in its own sweet time. Neither do we like being inundated with information when we haven’t for any, nor do we like a lack of it when we have.

The way through the project, through the communications conundrum, through any process where you want to instil confidence, is with consistency. Step by step. Obvious, out in the open, responsive to input and requests, proactive and reactive.

Skippy strategy: Neither a sore tooth nor a saw tooth be.