October 2, 2022

Another kick


You can kick the can down the road. Kick it and kick it and kick it again. Eventually though, assuming there’s someone else who’s interested (in which case, external pressure) or you actually care enough yourself (internal), you’ll have to pick it up and deal with it. The standard theory says, therefore, that you may as well pick it up today – that way, the thing will be done and you’ll eliminate all the inevitable anguish that flows from seeing in the road in front of you, every time just a little bit more battered, and never any bettered.

But we all know it’s just sooooo easy to give it another kick, partition the anguish, and give ourselves and easy ride … just one more time.

You’ll get away with it, until you don’t. Embarrassment happens very-very slowly, and then very-very fast.

Skippy strategy: Pick it up and get it done.