October 3, 2022

This Monday


On any given Monday you’ll have eighty seven different things on your mind. Things about customer. Things about products. Things about the long term plan. Things about the short term pragmatic imperatives. Things about your team. Things about departments. Things about direction of travel. Things about lessons learned. Things that involve options, options, options and demand a decision. Things that may go bump in the night. Things that need changing because you and everyone else knows they’re way past their sell-by. Things. Things.

Clever and articulate as you are, you can talk about them in detail and the drop of a listening ear. Clever and dextrous are you are, you can keep all those balls up in the air for as long as you like.

Thing is, if you had to land one thing, what would it be? Do that one thing this Monday.

Skippy strategy: Land one thing today.