October 4, 2022

Good to ask


It’s ok to ask. It’s good to ask. It’s good to know what you want so you can ask. It’s better than good, it’s important to know what you want so you can ask for the thing and ask for help towards the thing. It’s good to ask for what you want. And it’s good to ask for help towards what you want.

The very act of knowing what you want puts you on the path to getting what you want and to people who can help. And some want to help simply because they like to help people who know what they want.

Sometimes though, for good reasons, they say No. Or only kinda Yes.

So it’s also important to know the details inside that are non-negotiable. Because it’s quicker that way, and less full of anguish.

Skippy strategy: Work out the non-negotiables – then go asking for help.