February 28, 2022

About the handoffs


It’s all about the handoffs.

You can do anything you want and any way you like, as long as the output meets the specification – as long as what you deliver at the end of the party is what is expected by the next person in the chain. You give it to them, add a little briefing and explain anything salient – that might help them do their bit better – and then it’s their turn to add a dash of their own magic. And so we create value, inside and for the outside of our organisation.

There are two ways this fall apart. If the output of any stage doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, or if the briefing misses the point.

Projects are all about the handoffs. Processes are all about the handoffs. Every game is all about the handoffs.

Skippy strategy: Give them what they expect, tell them about it.