February 27, 2022

Make it playful

Window Box

There are plenty of mundane things we have to do and mundane ways to do them. That email, that spreadsheet, that internal presentation to the finance team, that interaction with the client, the supplier, the colleague in Prague. Without a little extra thought thought, (which means, on autopilot, without thinking) we manage to get through our day without adding an extra smile to our lips or theirs.

You can make a choice to make it playful. To add some fun into your email footer, an ascii image in your homepage html, some, ahem, personality, to your packaging and shipping notes, something self-effacing in your presentation, a joke buried in the spine of the in-flight magazine especially for those people who read the small print.

Not because it makes good corporate sense. Not because you should. But because it’s fun to make it fun.

Skippy strategy: If you can, make it playful.