February 26, 2022

After the questions


When things aren’t going as well as you hoped, your first response shouldn’t be to double down in dogma, force people to do exactly what you say, or stick rigidly to principle. It shouldn’t be to rant and rave or start breaking up the team.

It should be to ask questions.

Why aren’t things going so swimmingly, why aren’t people fulfilling on their commitments, is there a problem with the ideas or the plan or the people of the commitments, what’s in the way, what external forces are stealing control, how are we getting distracted, why are we letting it happen, have we got our priorities wrong, is it just harder than we thought, is there something wrong with my communication, is it them or is it me or are we all tripping up in diverse and unpredictable ways?

Skippy strategy: Actions come after the questions and candid reflection.