February 25, 2022

An agenda


It starts and ends with the customer.

On their side, they have an agenda to do something, this turns into a desire for some product or service which you can satisfy. They find you, do their due diligence and place the order. Depending on the complexity, this agenda-desire-diligence process can take anything from a few seconds to months or  years.

On your side, it starts with making a promise – we can satisfy your desire with this product or service. You might call this part sales or marketing or business development – and it’s matched to the buyers behaviours. Now it’s all about keeping that promise. Your job, your team’s job, your organisations job is to satisfy that desire and help your customer meet their agenda.

Everybody, in aggregate, contributes to the customer’s agenda. The bookkeeper, the cleaner, in sales, in production.

Skippy strategy: How can you better serve the customer’s agenda?