April 21, 2020

Almost done


And we’re … almost done.

We’ve put ourselves and completed every substantive task on the to do list. All the big lumpy stuff. All that’s left now is tying everything up with a neat little bow. The kind of thing that’s the difference between a good job that everyone’s happy with, and a great job that everyone’s proud of. Finessing the packaging, nailing the support desk, designing joy into the instruction manual, the grass, the gravel.

The actual thing is the biggest part of the iceberg. No doubt. But there’s always something that you didn’t see – or don’t want to – down in the depths, that could make or break this thing. You can ignore it or give it lip service, and most times you’ll get away with it because they’ll make allowances. Or you can actually get this thing done.

Skippy strategy: The difference between almost done, and actually done.