June 24, 2022

Always with grace


Even the best people make mistakes. Even the good guys have moments of madness. Even the ones you’d always stand by. Everyone.

Most times – the goodwill, the track record, the person you know them to be – means everyone sees past the issue and manages to move past it, a little bruised but able to put things behind them.

Some times though, the issue outweighs the goodwill, and it’s time to move on, not past.

If you’ve hired well, if they really are the good guys, they’ll know it before you and they’ll do the right thing.

If you’re who you’d like to be, if you’re the person you’d like to see when you look in the mirror, you’ll deal with it in good grace. You’ll think of everything that went before, be honourable, and avoid making a bad situation miserable.

Skippy strategy: Good guys, on either side, always with grace.