June 25, 2022

Stop being slow


Everybody wants to move faster. We’re foot-tapping impatient any time anyone makes us wait. 

Why can’t they just make a decision? Why can’t they just let us know when they have? What can’t everyone just get on with it? Why is it always so slow? Aaaaggghhhh!

All the while, we’re standing pat on our own decisions. We’re considering it, only kinda-sorta thinking about it, not-really-trying to find more data that maybe-just-maybe will remove a tiny chunk of uncertainty. We’re looking around the room, seeing who blinks, hoping the clouds will part and the path will appear.

We can’t make the decision, tell them to wait, let’s just take a little more time on this one.

If you want to move faster, show them how it’s done. 

Make decisions, have a bias for action, build for flexibility, be nimble and … jump.

Skippy strategy: To go faster, stop being slow.