June 26, 2022

Move to reality


You can have a brilliant idea. And then there’s reality. How to bridge the gap?

Brilliant as it might seem in the shower, the next step is probably to your laptop. Open your friendly neighbourhood spider search and see what the world has already made of your field of thought. Desk research. Library. Wherever you can go beyond Google. Imagine.

After that, out in the field. Observations, questions. What is wrong with how things are done now, what’s the missing step, where is the friction the greatest, who gets frustrated and how bad do they feel, what can you see? Think.

After that, the only school that really counts: reality. Asking people to actually change their behaviour (with cash, time, attention, process) is very different from asking if they might.

Move to reality as early as possible. Test. Test. Test.

Skippy strategy: Testing is better than thinking better than imagining.