June 27, 2022

A line item


The deal is done. All those months, all those meetings, all that nonsense, the ink is dry and we’re off and running. Except, we’re not. After all that hard work to get it over the line, now for the real work of what happens next – doing the thing, delivering the value, changing the world. Except, nobody cares like you care. 

You’ve been living it all in real time. Everyone else? It was a line item in the meeting notes, a maybe, something beeping on their radar, that thing you talked about whilst they got on with their day-to-day.

Time to transition. From one-day maybe line-item to this-day certainty main-play. It won’t happen on its own – left alone, at best, it will escape into the wilds and have to fight for survival.

Skippy strategy: Every project deserves respect. Set out the thinking. Show them where it fits, tell them why.