June 28, 2022

So you wait


So you wait.



You’d rather know. You prefer them to just tell you. That the shipment is delayed, they’ve taken another route, the cost is too high, the price is too low, that they prefer x over y, that today is the today, that this is a problem, that it’s a Yes, or a No, that there’s an issue they’re wrangling and they’re trying this and that to sort it out.

You’d rather know. Yet, you wait.

When you’re on this side of the table, you’re crying out for updates – so you can deal with issues, prepare the ground or spin up contingencies.

When you’re on that side of the table, remember how it feels and give them they update they’re after.

In the mean time, forget shouting in the wind. Do something else, something you can control.

Skippy strategy: Everyone wants to know. Bring them inside.