June 29, 2022

Your shift


You can change things along the way. You discover something new, a changed parameter, some additional potential – you make your shift to take advantage.

You must change things along the way. Nobody knows everything before they start and everyone has to react to the territory they find – you make your shift to accommodate reality.

Obvious and clear choices. At least to you – at the centre of things, with everything coming over your desk.

Not to those you leave behind. One, two, three generations of shift behind the curve. They thought it would be blue, but you’ve swung to green. They thought it was up, but you’ve shifted down.

Mysterious and opaque choices that see your people wasting time building castles on sand that’s already shifted.

The organisational reality that lags behind your personal reality: Wait!, what?

Skippy strategy: When things change, let everyone know the what and the why.