June 30, 2022

Sure, the date


Yes. Absolutely. You’re busy. There’s endless emails. Meetings. Calls. Busy.

Three months later though – after all that busyness – what’s changed?

Sure, the date. Hopefully, the bank balance.

What else?

Has the product evolved? How are our relationships with customers and suppliers? Do we have new ones? How many? What do they bring? What about the team? What’s happened to capacity and capability? What have we learned? What have we changed? How have we evolved? Can we go faster, or with more quality, or to new places?

What about those new places? What have we done – outside of the day to day – to progress the plan towards the places we want to go?

Oh? Why’s that? What was in the way? Is it still in the way or did you fix the system as well as the issue?

Skippy strategy: Deal with whatever’s in the way, including your happiness at being busy.