July 1, 2022

Blind to it


Looking at the numbers, there’s one that’s always bad. So bad so consistently that you convince yourself to look away, then that it’s normal, then that it doesn’t matter, and then you don’t have to look away because you’re blind to it.

But the number is still bad. The underperformed is still underperforming. The behaviour is still out of step with our values. The graffiti in the car park is still in the car park.

Being blind to the problem will not make them go away. They’re still there, in the background, beneath the surface maybe, where they can undermine and damage whatever the touch.

Looking at the numbers, that one that’s bad. Why is it bad, what will we do differently this month to turn it up at the edges and into a smile?

Skippy strategy: When something turns into a frown, deal with it before it goes bad.