July 2, 2022

It starts outside


It’s easy and natural to spend your time inside your organisation. Dealing with the day to day, orchestrating, meetings and emails, managing and motivating, prodding and poking.

Whilst you’re at it, doing your thing, the world turns.

In that turning world, customers are seduced but alternative suppliers and entirely new products and services, suppliers’ eye new customers and markets, technologies and methodologies evolve to the point of obsolescence, start-ups start up, gorillas grow their teams, competitors choose their turf and build trenches and plan campaigns.

In other words, eyes up.

Do what you do inside the building but pay attention to what’s happening outside. The best way … get out there. Talk to customers, widely, refresh your thinking with theirs, find out about what they’re working on, what keeps them away, what’s on their agenda. Keep focused on ways to solve their problems (and yours).

Skippy strategy: It starts outside the building.