July 3, 2022

The rear-view


The numbers definitely tell a story. In hindsight, like looking in the rear-view mirror. An almost-view of where we are, a reflection of how we got here, a memory of where we’ve been. They’re useful in themselves – that story – but they’re better used as a way to ask questions of tomorrow. Flicking from the rear-view of yesterday to the front-view of tomorrow through the windscreen.

If this happened yesterday, what questions should we ask today about where we’re going to be tomorrow?

In other words, don’t be seduced by the accuracy and the world view of the keeper-of-the-records (auditor/accountant/surveyor), don’t obsess about the accuracy of the buckets they place things into, don’t pin your focus on the past.

Learn from those records, those buckets, their focus. Use it to look ahead and assess the next curve and choose your next horizon.

Skippy strategy: Look (don’t live) in the mirror.