July 4, 2022

Counted on


It’s axiomatic that things will only get done if there are people to do them. Something we forget when we overcommit on behalf of ourselves and our team. If we or they are already max’ed out, adding more things to the bucket means someone, somewhere, will be disappointed with delivery or quality. The only other option is to overuse time, which means eventual burn-out (delivery or quality issues again) and risks talent shipping-out (non-delivery and no quality).

It’s also axiomatic that things are only done when people do them. Something we all like to forget when we turn our head towards the easiest, lowest-priority, least-important item on the to-do list, and ignore the things we and our team and being counted on to deliver.

Skippy strategy: Only commit to things your team has the time and talent to deliver, and things you all care enough to do the actual work.