July 5, 2022

Bridge it


One of the routes to success, the primary route to success, the most effective and quickest route to success – assuming you measure success in terms of forward progress, generating positive word of mouth, and overall velocity – is to make life easier for whoever is on the other side of the table. That might be a colleague, supplier, partner, shareholder, customer, significant other or any kind of stakeholder in your time or objectives.

The most reliable way to make their life easier is to do the things you said you were going to do. If you do those things brilliantly, all the better.

Sometimes though, stuff happens, and away from any place you have influence a spanner is jammed thoroughly deep into the works.

Skippy strategy: When things go wrong don’t play dumb, go quiet, or pretend things are fine. Tell them the issue and what you’re doing to bridge it.