September 15, 2022

An alternative that will


Every time you hang on to something or someone – because they’re ok, because they’re serviceable, because you have history, because, because, because – rather than looking for and finding a better alternative, rather than pulling your support and moving on, rather than doing what you know to do, what you’re actually doing is selecting for mediocrity.

You might convince yourself that you don’t need the distraction right now. You might convince yourself (once, twice?) that they’re just going through a slump. You might pretend that things are about to get better. And maybe you’re right.

But maybe (probably, almost certainly) if things haven’t been great for a while, they’re not going to become great on their own, not unless you do something about it. Which means finding an alternative and putting it in place. 

Skippy strategy: If it isn’t working after all this time and effort, find an alternative that will.