September 16, 2022



Think of any business as a series of questions. What is the product, who are the customers, how will we connect the two sides together, what needs to be done, who are the suppliers, who does what, how will we organise, how does the money flow, how do we deal with the hurdles and the hollows?

At the beginning, there are zero actual answers and the whole thing is worth the same fat zero.

Every question answered – even with short-lived solutions that everybody knows will absolutely be swapped out as soon as we know better – changes the knowledge base, sure, creates known-knowns, absolutely, and (assuming you care about funding) decreases risk and increases value.

Anything you need to know about value, whether you’re on the buy-side or the sell-, is in answering the right questions with answers that stand up to reality.

Skippy strategy: For more value, make better answers.