September 17, 2022

In the doing


Phew! We did it!

We pulled enough of the right people together, marshalled whatever evidence we could, sat around a whiteboard, worked as a team, dealt the the discomfort of reality, changed our opinions in the face of argument and passion, dug into and acknowledged uncertainty, went around the houses once, twice, lost confidence, recovered … and committed to the plan. Our plan.

All that, and we’re only now at the starting gate. All that, and we haven’t really done anything about moving one foot in front of the other. All that, and all we’ve done is point ourselves in an agreed direction and worked out at least a few of the next steps.

The actual work is taking those steps, looking up, adjusting, and taking more.

It’s in the doing.

It’s in the follow through.

It’s in our hands.

Skippy strategy: The actual work it taking actual steps.