September 18, 2022

Like a fool


It happens. Someone says something you don’t understand, someone shows a number that doesn’t make sense, or it does make sense but a different kind of sense to what they’re suggesting, or they use an acronym that means nothing, or use an assumption that isn’t so obvious, or the whole things smells funny, or you’re not sure you (or they) understand the question, or you just want to know more than you’re being offered.

If you don’t want to seem a fool, you might not ask the question.

If you don’t want to act a fool, you better go ahead and ask.

When you’re working with the kind of people you want to work with – the collegiate, collaborative, caring-sharing kind – you wouldn’t hesitate. You trust them.

What about with this group? Never act like a fool.

Skippy strategy: If you want to know the answer, go ahead and ask.