December 1, 2019

Ask for specifics


When the customer gives conflicting and confusing signals, tell them that you’re conflicted and confused and ask them for their advice.

If the project manager isn’t giving clear direction or instruction about the what and the who and the how of the thing, tell them you need a better steer and ask for specifics. If it turns out they’re not sure, go shoulder to shoulder and help them point everyone in the right direction.

Any time the your team mate or manager or mentor is giving mixed messages, point out the tangle and push them to beat out the communications until you’re clear on what they’re trying to say. Work-along, prod and poke, help them help you to a better understanding.

In other words … when it’s not clear … ask.

Skippy strategy: If you want to know the answer, ask. And if no one knows the answer, work it out together.