October 15, 2015

Behind the curtain


At their most basic, all businesses are the same.

Buy or make something, sell it for more than it costs. Repeat.

There are at least as many ways to pull off the feat as there are people to try. The trick is finding a formula that works in specific circumstances. This problem, this solution, this market, this team, this day. Dealing with all those challenges ever day, it’s easy to lose perspective, especially if you only spend time with your own people or in front to a mirror.

For inspiration and a new focus, sneak a peek behind the curtain at other businesses.

Not so much for how they build their product or deliver their service, but for how they manage the effort, deal with issues, find the talent, make decisions, use market intelligence, trim their offer, test and prove.

Every backstage visit throws a spotlight on your own teamwork, organisation, management philosophies.

Skippy Strategy: Seek out backstage visits. Networking, peer groups, coffee shop contacts – return the favour.