April 2, 2019

Between each dot


Getting from where we are now to where we want to be is the game of moving forward.

It starts (harder than it sounds) with a decent understanding of where we are now, natch, and ends with a clear and maybe achievable target.

The game of moving forward though, that’s the real work.

The planned real work … the major steps from A to B, with enough fine detail to connect the next two or three of the biggest dots. Between each dot? Obstacles. The things that will or may be in the way. The fine detail? Our best guess to overcome them.

The actual real work … the day to day of working on, sidestepping and outmanoeuvring  the immediate problem whilst navigating for the spot on the horizon.

Skippy strategy: Planning is absolutely about the stepping stones. But if you don’t deal with the reality between … it’s just a wish list.