April 3, 2024

Beyond obvious


A bigger target is a better target than a smaller target, right up until it becomes demotivating.

Present your team with an easy 1% target and it’s likely they’ll ignore you and keep on doing what they’ve always been doing. Too small gets nowhere.

Present a dreamer’s target, the team might be louder and make most of the right noises (because, y’know, you asked) but they’re likely to balk at wasting energy on fantasies. Irrationally big challenges gets you noise, some pretence, and nowhere.

Somewhere beyond easy but within maybe-maybe bounds (if the wind is at your back) – not doable within the status quo but just possible if everything’s in play and everyone pulls their part. Somewhere imaginable if, if, if … is the place to set the target.

Compelling enough to demand attention, difficult enough to motivate change.

Skippy strategy: Set your targets beyond obvious but within imagination.