June 11, 2018

Blind spots


Travelling the road it isn’t possible to look out all the windows all of the time. Necessarily, your attention is focused forward, keeping your eyes on what’s ahead as you work your way to whatever distant horizon you’ve chosen to aim for. You flick to the mirrors for a general awareness and specific manoeuvres but, you and everyone around you knows, there are blind spots.

You can fill a bunch with automatic sensors. Financial, operational reporting, manufacturing calibrations, factory gate checks. Systems and processes that monitor and assess, that raise alarms when anything gets out of an acceptable operating tolerance. 

The rest must be filled with human sensors. People better positioned to see and hear what you don’t, and confident enough to show you what’s in the mirror. About the team, about the world, and critically … about you.

Skippy strategy: Build systems to fill the blind spots.