August 21, 2017

Bring a gift


No one likes to meet for the sake of meeting. It feels like a waste of your time when it’s in your office, and if you’re the one who’s taking time in theirs, it feels like a waste of time to them too. And there probably won’t be an invitation to return for more of the same.

There has to be a point.

The point is always an exchange of value.

So bring a gift.

Not a coffee mug with a logo – but a good idea, a clear understanding of the challenges they’re facing and maybe some solutions, a white paper that opens up their thinking, a colleague or consultant who can offer bigger thoughts or deeper insights.

Make the meeting make sense. Make both sides glad they gave the time.

Relationships are built on value, not face-time.

Skippy strategy: Whenever you meet, bring a gift of value.