February 16, 2020

Call it out


Not everyone holds themselves all the time to the standard they’d like to set themselves. They have lapses. You have lapses. We all have lapses. The question isn’t, Will it happen?, it’s, What will we do about it?

If we catch ourselves giving ourself a slide, there are two options: let the slide go (just this once), or stop it mid stream. Entirely up to you, no one’s looking. What you do probably is a calculus based on importance, expediency and relationship with your core principles. The closer the the middle of the Venn diagram, the more likely you’ll do the right thing.

If it’s someone else though, what do you do? Slide or stop? This one is trickier as it’s potentially wrapped with interpersonal-politics, conflict-aversion, whether it’s public or private, and how much you care. 

How skippy managers deal with it? They call it out every time.

Skippy strategy: Call it out.