July 22, 2022

Current sense


Bring new blood into your team and you’re forced to see things through new eyes.

The first are your own as you prepare the ground. How to explain this, what’s the reason for that, the way we go about doing the other thing, how this came to be. All the little things, the things you take for granted, are there for reasons … that may no longer exist. And you’ll be thinking, there is no Why.

The second set are theirs, a month or so later. When you ask … what have you discovered that surprised you, what do we do better than you expected, what isn’t so good?

Both times, confront yourself, make yourself see your world with immigrants eyes. Take nothing for granted, put a question into everything, look for answers that were and answers that are no longer.

Skippy strategy: See things afresh, change whatever makes no current sense.