July 21, 2022

Change absolute


When you change a system, and particularly when you rip out the old one, it’s a hard cut to new way of doing things. Not everyone will like it or warm to it immediately, but the change happens and the new system is immediately in use.

With processes, or philosophies, it takes way longer. The old way is still there, waiting, known, understood, as good today as it was yesterday (and yesterday it worked, right?). You get resistance, maybe recalcitrance, definitely relapses. The only way to change is to push and push again.

The problem starts when you’re the problem. When you’re the one who takes the old-way short-cut, when you’re the one who lets it slide when someone else slips up. Then the old way is the still-current way, and the arguments for change are trashed.

Skippy strategy: If you’re changing for a reason, make the change absolute.