July 20, 2022

Seek counsel


Bringing new things into the world means acting, a lot, on assumptions and instincts. What’s the right time to cut through your biases and take it out to see the world, to get alternative opinions, to seek counsel?

It depends on the person you ask. Some will see opportunity everywhere, add value, give energy, supercharge your enthusiasm. Others only see issues, the problems and obstacles, the alternatives already out there, the downsides and distractions. You need both, but you need to know what to do with what they tell you.

Don’t take enthusiasm for a shining green light, don’t let criticism undermine your progress. Be wide open to alternative ideas, add them to the mix, triangulate, filter for wisdom and definitely, definitely listen for weakness.  

Skippy strategy: Go to the people you trust, often, today and every other day. Listen, then make up your own mind on what happens next.