March 10, 2021

Devour it


It’s possible that you know. More likely, you think you know. That thing you think you know, is probably more complex, more nuanced, more interesting, more threatening, more full of opportunity and lessons and suggestions than you, erm, thought.

One option, on the basis of what you think you know, is to dismiss it. To imagine it has no bearing or relationship with you or what you’re trying to do.

Option two: find out. Do the research, devour everything you can about it, dig deeper until you understand not only the what (which you probably did, after all, have a pretty good handle on), but also the why, the impact, the resonance, the relationship with your world.

And then you’ll not only know – which means speaking from a position of strength – but you also be one step closer to what happens next.

Skippy strategy: Don’t dismiss it, devour it.