March 8, 2022

Down pat


A lot of what we do is complex, and technical, and difficult. And on occasion, if we’re honest, we let the side down. But it’s complex, and technical, and difficult – which means, on occasion, letting the side down is probably to be expected. And we fix the situation and get on with the next thing on the list and all is right with the world.

Most of what we do though isn’t complex, or technical, or particularly difficult. Let’s call all this other stuff the basics. And if, on occasion, we don’t get all the basics right – well, that’s life; nobody’s perfect.

But what if we continuously fail at the Basics? That’s not life, that a choice.

You only get an understanding shrug when the things that go wrong are, well, understandable. But the basics? There’s no free pass on the basics.

Skippy strategy: Get the basics down pat.