March 7, 2022

The next person


The next person you bring into the team. They’ll share the values, they’ll understand exactly where they fit into the scheme of things and the specific value their role is supposed to add. Within the first few weeks, they’ll have a clear idea about the rest of the team – no only about what each person brings to the party, but how they bring it too; their strengths, their specific skills and ways of working, their weaknesses too, and at least the beginning of an understanding about how they can each get the best of each other.

Of course, none of this happens on its own. You have to arrange for it to happen, create the circumstances, make it happen.

It starts with shared clarity – about the why, where and what of each role and person – and is cemented with constant, unwavering communication.

Skippy strategy: Everybody knows, nobody in the dark.