March 9, 2022

Next time


Next time you’re about to dive in, don’t. Next time you’re about to pick up the phone, or dash off an email or walk into the room, and take over, don’t. At least, not in reflex.

If there’s an ideal time to act, it’s before you think there’s no other choice.

If there’s a better way to act, it’s to encourage the team with tiny nudges on the tiller all the time, not with yanking great arcs right before you hit the rocks.

If there’s a smarter process for action, it’s by asking the kind of questions that uncover reasons and learnings and directions, not the kind that make your team duck and cover.

Next time? There doesn’t need to be a next time. Lead from the back and show them the way through the inevitably choppy seas.

Skippy strategy: Keep a weathered eye and nudge the tiller early.