March 10, 2022

Team answers


Let’s say the goal is to improve performance. To take the situation you find yourself in today, do something different tomorrow and the next day, and find yourself in a better situation after that. Repeat ad infinitum.

The questions then become, what situation do you find yourself in now? and, what will you do differently?

You might think your job is to figure out the answers and present them in a compelling and coherent way, back them up with measures and management, then sit back with your eyes on the horizon looking for obstacles in your path.

The secret of improving performance is in those questions, but it’s not in your answers – it’s in the answers of everybody. Team answers are more powerful, more buy-in-able, more compelling, more motivating, more robust and just more smart than anything you’ll come up with on your own.

Skippy strategy: The team have the answers.