March 11, 2022

What you put in


When you’re starting a project, you’re probably itching to get going and start doing something. Pull the team together, yep, knock up a project plan, absolutely, and then (or maybe you already did) run hard and as fast as you can.

When you’re finishing a project, it’s a decent chance that you think about the missed opportunities or the underwhelming outcome.

Thing is, these two stages are cuts of the same.

If you don’t add some wow-ness at the beginning of the project, it’s a low-odds bet that you’ll get some wow! at then end. If you didn’t think about connections, you’re likely to miss them along the way. If your bias for action gets in the way of taking a moment, your team is destined to trip on many hurdles.

Skippy strategy: You get out what you put in, and that includes smarts, connective tissue, and some wow!