March 12, 2022

Like north


Those times when you don’t know what to do. Well, when you know what you want to get done, in the broadest sense, but you’re not really sure what success actually looks like and so you have no idea about how to get there. It’s like, you know there’s a map, and you know there are some general headings, like north, but you don’t know what the picture looks like. Then what?

Then, you poke at it a bit, procrastinate some, get frustrated with yourself and maybe your team, then, finally, you sit down and work the problem. Poking some more, false start one two and three, a budding sense of direction emerges, you make a little progress but find yourself in a cul de sac.

Only one thing for sure – if you don’t start, and don’t try, you’ll get nowhere. So start.

Skippy strategy: Sit and work the problem.