March 13, 2022

No muscles


The easiest way of making sure you make progress on the projects you’re working is to say No to any new projects that come your way.

We all get excited by new things, we all get the buzz of needed-ness from a demanding email, we’re all frustrated when we’re buried in the detail with no clear path back to the surface – and we all therefore find it easy to take on that exciting buzzy no-frustrations-yet new thing and put it squarely in the middle of our to-do (or doing-now list) where it gets in the way of all the other things we’re already committed to.

Of course, some things do come along that demand or deserve attention. But – looking in the mirror – we know they are few.

For everything else, develop and polish and use a filter that helps you say No.

Skippy strategy: Build up your saying No muscles.