March 14, 2022

Wallow a little


Anytime you take on something new, everything is going to get harder before it gets easier. Know that at the start. And you do know that at the start because it always happens. Yet, when everything gets harder, when it’s frustrating and irritating and exhausting and it’s so damn easy to drop that new something and fall back to the old thing or the old ways of doing things, you flirt with that downward-backward flow. Despite the reason you started the new thing. Despite the progress you’ve made. Despite the satisfaction you know you’ll get from finishing the thing. Despite all that, you still flirt, and you still wallow.

So wallow. For about three seconds.

Then pick yourself up, set your eyes to the horizon you’ve chosen and keep moving forward. Because that is the way of making progress.

Skippy strategy: Wallow a little, then get on with it.