March 15, 2022

However shiny


How do you resource new ideas when everyone is fully committed already?

We come across this problem every day. It’s tempting to squeeze things in, and another thing, and another thing. And in this here real world, that actually works, some of the time. Because fully committed doesn’t actually mean maxed out – there’s almost always a little slack in the system and most of our motivated team are willing to stray into evenings and weekends anyway. Right?

Except … what about when things really are maxed out, or if you don’t believe maxed out is any way to do good work, of if evenings and weekends should be protected for those odd occasions when they’re really needed (and not just for somebody’s new idea, however shiny)?

Say No, or say Not Now, or say, What can we trade away so we have capacity?

Skippy strategy: Shiny isn’t a good enough reason.