September 21, 2023

Dumb or crazy


Doing in a new way something that’s always been done in other ways means you’re either kinda-sorta critical of the old way, or you’re flat-out in-your-face critical. And anyone vested in the old way is likely to get defensive right-back-at-ya critical and tell anyone who’ll listen that you’re dumb or crazy or both. 

So goes resistance to change – something you knew when you paid the entrance fee.

At times though, even if you’re feeling strong, that’s got to feel distressing, debilitating, demotivating and downright unfair.

When those waves hits, you have choices: stand in the flood or let yourself get swept away. There’s danger in the extremes – ignore the critics and miss valuable learning that’s bobbing below the surface; wash away and you’ll never know how near you were.

Skippy strategy: That entrance fee offers a third way – listen, learn, apply the value.