May 27, 2019

Find out


There are times when we just don’t know. We kinda sorta know, but we’re not sure. Maybe they’re working on the contact, maybe they’re changing something fundamental, maybe they’ve hit a technological boundary, maybe the laws of physics just hit them in the face. Maybe they’ve taken their eye of the ball, maybe they’re working on something else, maybe they’ve gone down a blind alley.

And when you don’t know, it’s easy to stress, to think the worst, to imagine, to fill in blanks with suppositions and leaps of fantasy.

So, erm, find out.

The easiest way is often the best way. Walk up the stairs, or pick up the phone, or send an email, or check in the logs, or look at the data, or study the evidence, or … just ask.

And then you can stop wasting energy, because you’ll know.

Skippy strategy: If in doubt, find out.